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I am currently a RN as well as a Paramedic with about 8 years experience total in emergency medicine. I have my BSN with a GPA of 3.68. I also have an A.A.S in Biology with a GPA of 3.7. I had to take Micro, Chemistry, A&P, and Statistics (I also knocked out Calculus while I was at it) for pre-nursing, however I still need the classes such as O-chem, Physics, Biochemistry, etc.

My question is should I look into a post bac, transfer and finish a BS in Biology or just do a non-degree at the local university to finish up the remaining classes needed? Since the hours of medical experience are not an issue, is how and where I obtained my Pre reqs as important?

And in case anyone is curious I am very interested in cardio-thoracic and surgery. I have shadowed both a Cardiology NP as well as a Cardiothoracic PA and loved how the PA had the more medical approach as well as more of the hands on procedural responsibilities vs over care planning. That is why I am interested in PA vs NP.

Thank you!

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As long as you meet the admission requirements, either way would be acceptable.  Personally, I'd do the non-degree path to finish up classes - in fact, that is exactly what I actually did.  I also sent my transcripts to my school of choice a year before I planned to apply to be sure that I was meeting all the requirements.

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