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Laptop suggestions?

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I was wondering if some current, or soon to be PA students could give me suggestions on what kind of laptops they used for their programs? I am not interested in buying a Mac, but I did see that the microsoft surface pro was pretty popular. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


Also, my program does not have any requirements for what kind of laptop we use for the program.


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Talk with current students at your program and see if both groups are happy. You can never tell given the variety of teaching tools.


In the classroom, a few times each year, I teach interpretation of labs using an Excel tool that requires Visual Basic for Applications in the background and the Apple users migrate over to fellow students with Microsoft-based computers because of that.


Only a few times per year, but something to consider. Your school might do stuff that makes Apple a better platform as well.



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On 11/2/2018 at 3:28 AM, mjm2996 said:

 I am not interested in buying a Mac, [...]

Sigh.  Buy a Mac anyways, because you don't have time to deal with a crashed laptop.  I ran Windows 7 under Parallels on mine, but NOTHING in my PA education requires Windows, and this was 2010-12.  Surface is better Windows, but it's still playing catchup.  If you want to go cheap, go with an Android tablet--many of them are quite capable.

You'll either be smugly smirking later that you dodged a bullet, or resenting not being open to the 'buy a mac' advice.  Either way, you're out a few hundred dollars (vs. a Surface) at worst.

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