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Pain management contract question

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New grad pain management position offered. 4 years ortho experience just to help with ortho side of things. Job is:

M-Th 830-430, F 830-12. 

No procedures, no injections(except for joint injections or toradol for the occasional request). No call, no hospital responsibilities. Basically just office clinical management of oral meds. 

Verbal offer was 75,000 and I stupidity countered with only 85,000 salary...still room to negotiate but I wish I didn’t counter that low. 3 weeks PTO. 401K after one year with 5% match. Free food in caf. Production-based incentives. Also we discussed medical insurance but didn’t go into exact details yet. It was kind of a quick verbal offer that will be revisited fairly soon but I’m  curious about y’all’s thoughts 

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Not sure what part of the country you are in, but I just accepted a FM job in norther midwest with 36 hours of clinic/4 days per week at $110,000 salary with bonus of $19.33 per RVU over 3300 per year.  Just offering for a bit of a comparison - I would assume pain management would/should pay more being a specialty and most, if not all of your billing will be at 99214+ and likely can see many more than FM per day producing significant revenue for the practice.

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15 hours ago, GatorRRT said:

85k with 4 years relevant exp???

I started at 85k 5 years ago. It’s going to take A LOT of free food to make up for where you should be salary wise. 

I guess they put me on the spot and I shouldn’t have offered a number and now I would like to go back up on the salary but I feel like the opportunity has come and gone. They ran the 85k counter back by the doc and he agreed. Although if I would have given them the number I wanted it would have been 90k. I’m from Louisiana and salaries are low in the state. 

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A big misconception is that the contracts posted on this forum are the “norm”, whereas the opposite is true. People typically request reference to a contract that has the chance to be poor, whereas the people who have really good benefits or salary opportunities do not request assistance. With this being said, 75k is by far the lowest offer I have ever seen, even 85k, however it also seems like your position may be very low stress. Best bet is to do what you feel is right.

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