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Ortho Xray reads

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I am an ortho PA, and have been for almost 10 years.  I have been reading Xrays and billing for those reads for the past 9 years.  Out office radiology was just turned over to our hospital (we are a physician group owned by the hospital), and the head of their radiology department is saying PA's in Texas can't read or bill for reads of Xrays.  I can not find that anywhere in the Texas Medical Board writings.  Can anyone help me with sources to prove either side of this argument?





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Of course we can.  We can do pretty much anything delegated to us by our supervising doc and most of the those agreements are left open ended and vague.  I read all my own films although we do get overreads at my clinic by a rad group which is just smart from a liability stand point.

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Back in the stone-age, when I was in spine, we'd pick up findings that the radiologist would miss when we'd go over after office hours and review myelograms, discograms, and CT's (what's a MRI, or NMR back then?)  The more eyes, the better.

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