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Johnson & Johnson AAPA scholarship/minority scholarship questions in general

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Does anyone know anyone who received the J&J scholarship? I got an email about it and am thinking about applying. However, I don't know what kind of chance I have. They are specifically looking for select minorities from underserved areas whose parents didn't go to college.


I did not grow up in an underserved area but my parents moved to the US from China (not one of the select minorities they listed). I'm the first one in the family to go to a traditional 4 year university, but both of my parents are college grads. I am funding PA school entirely on my own with loans/work study.


It does not seem like I have much of a chance at all, but when I was interviewing I found my fellow interviewees to be predominantly white. Should I bother applying to this scholarship? Do minority scholarships apply to people in my situation?



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"White" is subjective as a person can "look white" in each of these minority groups...for $25k you should have applied, did you?


Limited access to a health professional who is representative of a patient’s cultural or linguistic background is associated with poor health outcomes. According to the Center for American Progress, more than 84,000 lives could be saved annually if the healthcare disparity gap were closed. In recognition of this issue, the Physician Assistant Foundation established a scholarship for underrepresented minority pre-PA students, with the goal of increasing diversity in the physician assistant workforce and alleviating disparities in access to healthcare among underserved populations. This scholarship program is made possible by a generous contribution to the Foundation from Johnson & Johnson.


  • African American
  • Alaskan Native
  • American Indian
  • Asian American
  • Hispanic/Latino
  • Mexican American
  • Native American
  • Pacific Islanders
  • Puerto Rican



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