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Hi! I have an interview next month and I want to know what people would suggest for me to focus/study on regarding how to interview goes and what questions I should consider! Any help is welcomed and appreciated! Thank you!

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There are plenty of lists of example interview questions out there on the internet. My biggest piece of advice is to do several practice interviews. This lets you be slightly less nervous on the actual day, in theory you should be more relaxed and be able to be more authentic in your responses.

Also try to come up with some targeted questions for that school that you can ask the students and/or faculty. After all it is as much a time for you to figure out if the school is right for you as it is for them to evaluate you.

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I've used How to Ace PA School interview book and recommend that. Also if you google search, there are plenty on commonly asked questions on PA school interviews.

The three questions that you should dedinately master for any interview are

1. Why do you want to be a PA?

2. Why this program?

3. Tell me about your self. 

These pretty much came up in one form or the other in every school I interviewed at. 

As for questions to ask the school, research the school and see if there are things you like about or are concerned about that school and have them elaborate on those things. Look for things that matter to you. For me was having a veteran support so I asked questions regarding those.

Also practice verbalizing your answers out loud. Sit in front of a mirror and see what you look like answering these questions. (It is awkward but it helped me). Have mock interviews. Key is practice practice and practice some more. 

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I read Savanna Perry's book "Physician Assistant School Interview Guide."  I also did a mock interview through her website https://www.thepaplatform.com/.  Both of these were great resources that helped prepare me with what to expect, how to strengthen my answers, and ease my nerves come interview day.  Her book also helps you understand not just what questions to expect but to understand WHY the admissions committee is asking them and what type of answer they are looking for.  Obviously you still need to be genuine in your answers, but she does a really good job of guiding you on how to make those answers the best possible.

I also recorded myself answering questions and watched the video playback to try to correct any bad habits and make sure I wasn't rambling.

Ultimately make sure you know why you want to be a PA and why you want to attend that specific program.

Good luck!

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Does anyone know if once you make it to the interview if your application still matters or if it’s all based on your interview performance now? My application is not the best but I received an interview

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55 minutes ago, Matt123 said:

Does anyone know if once you make it to the interview if your application still matters or if it’s all based on your interview performance now? My application is not the best but I received an interview

It honestly doesn't matter - either way, you need to crush the interview!

After 8 interviews, my interview advice is slightly different than everyone else's. I would strongly recommend that you avoid over-practicing. Look up common questions and think of strong stories or examples you could use to answer, but don't worry about buying interview books or mock interview services. The problem especially with the books is that if half the applicants read them, then half the applicants are using the exact same strategies and probably giving very similar (aka boring!) responses. Instead, I practiced answering questions out loud in the car and thought through MMI questions at work. I would answer the questions differently each time so as not to over-rehearse. I also tried to think of interesting stories I wanted to share and brought them into the interviews when appropriate. Don't be afraid to be funny, introspective, self-deprecating (within reason) or brutally honest! My interviews definitely weren't perfect, but I was 100% real and the acceptances keep rolling in.

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