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Pance after huge lag from.graduation

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Hey guys,


Starting to buckle down and study for the pance after a huge lag (3 years) after graduation. Where should I start? Any study course you recommend that goes to the bare bones? It's been such a long time.





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3 years? Just curious, what have you been doing?

for passing the PANCE, just get a ROSH review account and do the questions until blue in the face, then do the Chicago review course, then morequestioms until blue in the face. Recommend listening to primary care RAP and EM RAP religiously to help getting back into practice.

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Had a baby right before graduation. Just didn't get a break...he's in school now so I want to get this thing done for good so I can works...

Any courses anyone recommends? I feel so out of it and need a visual course maybe

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      9 month Pathoma subscription available through 11/20/2017!!


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