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Transition to practice class?

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Would you be interested in helping develop a model "transition to practice" class for our new PAs?  We seem to have 1-2 per month who are getting screwed because they were unprepared to negotiate a contract, get licensed appropriately, understand scope of practice limitations, etc.

I'm thinking we can put something together in the form of an FAQ, or maybe a powerpoint presentation, using mostly what we've said in posts already. I don't think it would take too much effort to put our names to a document that, if read and followed, would help a new grad avoid 90+% of the pitfalls we see talked about here.

Anyone want to help?

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Great idea.  I'd be happy to help.  I had already been accruing the basic "things to do after graduating" list over the past couple years, which was made into a sticky in the hidden sticky section.  I think it would be a great idea to add more topics (like below) that would cover the spectrum of things to learn and challenges for new grads.  Would be good to keep this sticky actually on the front page here because we do see so many questions on these topics.  


Just off the top of my head, I can think of several topics that I wish I had a brief primer on when first starting out....

-practical first steps (process of getting state license, DEA, keeping logs, etc)

-choosing a specialty (general forum pearls like trying to stay general first) and considering residencies

-process of applying for jobs.  Where to go, qualities to look out for, questions to be ready for, and questions to ask them, etc.

-business of medicine, know what you are worth!  Basics of metrics and what we are now judged on.  

-malpractice risk and insurance -  different types of insurance, ensuring you have occurrence or tail coverage, etc.  basics of identifying highest risk situations, risk avoidance, charting.

-starting your first job - biggest challenges when starting practice: interacting with consultants, transitioning from didactic resources to practical clinical resources, etc.  

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