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Do Anti-Ageing Skincare Products Actually Work?

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Anti-ageing products are a scam! Anti-ageing products work! The argument going round and round in circles, both sides convinced they are right. It’s easy to see why there is an argument.


To most people, seeing a real visible improvement to ageing skin by simply putting on a layer of cream every day does seem more than a little hopeful. However, there is plenty of research which indicates that anti-ageing creams are, in fact, beneficial for the long-term youthful look of your face. Here are a few ways that anti-ageing skincare and creams can actually be a benefit to you and your fight against the natural ageing process.


Price Doesn’t Matter


If the budget is something you worry about when it comes to skincare products, then worry no longer. Budget isn’t the be-all and end-all of your anti-ageing routine. And the fact is that high-end products aren’t necessarily better than their cheaper variants. Nor are they guaranteed to work better.


The reality is that if you have a good knowledge of the ingredients and understand the levels present in each product then price takes a back seat. Investigate the products themselves and make sure you understand what you are looking for before you set out. In that vein, there are a few ingredients that are particularly useful, including;


Retinol Reverses Ageing Signs


One of the key ingredients when it comes to anti-ageing is known as retinol. The active form of vitamin A, we lose much of the vitamin A naturally present in our bodies and this can result in the signs of ageing that we recognise as wrinkles and a dull complexion. Retinol can work to reverse this issue.


Retinol and its retinoic acid, in particular, can increase cell turnover, build collagen back into the skin, while also helping with skin discolouration and wrinkles. If a product contains this you can then expect to experience fuller, firmer and brighter skin over a long period of use of skincare with this as the main ingredient.




Even when doing the very basic when it comes to skincare research the benefits of antioxidants should be clear by now. They promote repair and healing in damaged skin, which can help with the appearance of fine line and wrinkles with long-term use. Antioxidants can also help to protect your skin against free radical damage, as well as UV damage and pollution.


Antioxidants are available in a number of different products, including green tea extract and even in vitamins such as E and C. They can also help to work as an extremely effective preventative for those who may not yet be experiencing the effect of time on their skin, but want to be proactive against it.


For both retinol and antioxidants, you want to make sure that they are the main ingredients in any skin care product that you use. Otherwise, the effects may not be as potent or long lasting as you would hope.




While good moisture is beneficial to your skin overall, it should never be the definitive factor of an anti-ageing cream. However, good hydration can help to equal plump skin which is a sign of youthfulness. A good ingredient to look out for in your skincare products which promotes this is hyaluronic acid, a substance which can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water and is a fantastic source of hydration for skin. Combined with antioxidant and retinol, this makes for an ideal skincare product.


The Results are Not Instantaneous


Unlike visiting an aesthetic clinic, for example, the results that you get from a cream or other skincare product is not likely to be instantaneous. Time and consistency are the main components to ensure that the effectiveness of skincare products for your skin. Obviously, you can simply go under the knife and also experience an instantaneous result. But, long-term skincare is much more beneficial for the health of your skin and always the preferable option.


Plus, it is considerably less expensive and less likely to result in any unfortunate side effects.


Overall, some anti-ageing products are obviously not as effective as advertised. But, if you keep the ingredient list in mind during purchase and ensure you use the product consistently, then there is a good likelihood that you will find a product that does begin to show signs of anti-ageing for your skin.

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