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Reentering service after PA school

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Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone here has gone through the experience of separating from service, attending PA school, then reentering service after graduation. If so:

-How long did the process take for you to reenter after contacting a recruiter?

-Did you start working with a recruiter while you were still in school, or did you wait until after graduation/passing the PANCE?

Thank you in advance for any input!

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I'm in the process however, I am using HSCP scholarship. That means I am on active duty in training status. I believe it is OIT status. If you have already graduated then I believe direct commissioning is an option. Definitely contact a Medical Officer Recruiter and see what options do you have.

Good luck.  Some of us don't learn the first time, that first DD214 is not enough, we go back to get the second one. Hahaha.


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