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regulations volunteering overseas

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I have an opportunity to volunteer with an organization from France in Morocco. 

Does anyone know what, if any, requirements there are on my end regarding supervising physician, notifying my state licensing board etc?

I don't believe there are any PA regulations in Morocco so I assume I can practice medicine there on a volunteer mission. so far I have not found any adequate info on international volunteer requirements for PAs. 



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I love Morocco and was planning on retiring there (at least at one time). What kind of work would you be doing?  Each country is different in their regulations. I also thought about retiring to Malta and working there with refugees (from North Africa), however, Malta has strict laws about non-licensed medical providers actually giving care to patients. When I was there, there were stories in the paper about an American Vet, who had retired there, giving care to stray cats and was arrested. Also, an American physician was expelled for giving medical care to refugees. So, each country is different. PAs don't exist in Morocco as far as I know but like EMEDPA (who has plenty of experience in this), the organization should cover you, but again, there are no PAs in France. Years ago, I use to travel beneath the radar overseas and no one cared. It isn't so easy anymore. For one, national doctors' groups have fought against outsiders delivering medical care without a license. That's what happened in Egypt and UAE (places I had worked).

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