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IMHO there is a great deal of potential in this specialty.

This article is a few months old but the numbers are solid...


  According to this article ' Nationally about 1,800 PAs, or roughly 2% of the total number practicing, specialize in psychiatry'.

Looking at Psychiatrist shortage ' From 2003 to 2013, the number of practicing psychiatrists declined by 0.2%, to 37,889 nationally by 2013. During the same decade, the number of adult primary care doctors increased by 9.5%, to 211,121 total, and by 14.2% to 862,444 among physicians overall'. ' By 2015, 60% were 55 years or older'.

   I know.... You are thinking that new grads need experience for this type of work. This is not true. The right personality and an opportunity are all you need.... That and a desire to work in mental health, I should say...

 Of course you can apply for a clerkship. I found 7 programs here:









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It depends on the area and the size of the practice. From my exp. starting around $85k. They usually pay your malpractice, you get 5 or so CME days, around $3k for CME, 15-20 vacation days..

 IMHO the biggest benefit is the autonomy in treating your patients. Once you have built up a case load, you can pretty much decide the plan on your own. It is very dependent on your MD. I have worked with some that are wide open on suggestions and some that will not go off label at all....

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I am very happy to see this post! I have recently decided to apply to a PA program, and my dream is to be able to work as a PA in an inpatient facility. I have worked in the pharmacy field for many years, and have a special interest in how the combinations of these meds can really change someone's life. It is nice to see some of the opportunities available in this field. 

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I am truly digging this specialty. I work on a C/L service so I still get to view telemetry, CTs, MRIs, and r/o encephalopathies of all sorts.  Plus it’s a level 1 trauma center, level 1 cardiac center, and level 1 stroke center, with a burn unit and a neuroICU.  There is plenty of severe psych pathology as well as a detox program for patients.  For a PA, this is huge, because I don’t feel like I’m simply passing around SSRIs all day and losing all of my medicine experience.  I get to still be a part of it (even if it’s from a psych angle) every day. 

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Oh, and a bonus to my previous response... the fact that I actually have internal medicine and general surgery training/experience actually makes me more “desirable” to work in the hospital C/L setting vs my PMHNP colleagues.  They work in the psychiatric center next door and do not engage in any medicine patients at the main hospital at all (which I prefer).  The doctors trust me to see their patients in the medical center, and in fact sometimes ask me my opinion in treatments.  I feel very satisfied with my role, and feel i have a lot of autonomy that i would not have in other specialties.  

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That is great to hear.

 In some respects I am surprised at how few PAs work in Psych. From the most recent salary report I believe it was about 1%.

Outpatient psych care is quite different from your work. Plenty of autonomy and opportunity to grow and learn. I can not see myself doing any other specialty.

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After working in neurosurgery for four years, I'm about to make the transition over to psychiatry. Not sure if this means I should be transitioning as a patient instead of clinician, or if I was silly not to do this sooner. My commute is unbeatable, my hours are substantially fewer, and my earning potential is much higher. Anyways, glad to see such engaged folks in this small community. Makes me feel even better about this move.

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    • By wildassignment86
      Hi all, 
      I have been accepted into PA school and am starting to have second thoughts. The initial plan was to graduate and specialize in psychiatry. I have an interest in psychology and neurology.  Becoming an MD is out of the question, as I can't move (military family).  I have found one accredited Ph.D. distance program in Clinical Psychology. I have considered going that route but am scared I'll regret not going PA. This time last year, I was thrilled to get an interview.  Is it normal to have cold feet?  Has anyone else made a similar choice? Anyways, thanks for listening. 
    • By pahopeful46
      I was just offered a job as a new grad in psych at a private practice outpatient clinic in the Houston, Tx area. My hours would be 9-6 or (10-6 with no lunch break) Tuesday - Friday and a possible Saturday shift from 9-1 which I am clarifying now as to if this is set in stone or not since it was unclear. They told me I would be shadowing the first two weeks and then after that I will slowly see my own patients while consulting with the doc after each patient. They currently have one NP who they hired as a new grad and trained.
      Salary: I told them I was looking for 100k since that is the average for a new grad in Texas and they offered me this breakdown: 92k for years 1-2, 102k for years 3-4, and 113k for years 5-6. Then, a bonus set up like this: starting at 6 months, a quarterly bonus at 65% patient occupancy is a 1k bonus quarterly, at 75% patient occupancy a 1750 bonus quarterly and at 90% occupancy and greater a 3k bonus quarterly. The bonus seems okay but I have no idea how to gauge this since idk if I will even be hitting these numbers as a new grad. They told me the NP currently sees follow ups in 15 min slots or 4 an hour with a break after to chart and that new pt visits are 1 hour. They told me my follow ups would be set for 30 minutes instead of 15 since I am new.
      CME: 1500
      PTO: 7 days first year (this seems very low to me and was also not broken down into CME or sick days so now I have no idea if I even get CME days so that will be in my email back with questions)
      Malpractice coverage and 401k with 5% match effective after first year. It was also unclear if the 401k is not effective at ALL until the first year or if just the matching so I will be asking this as well. Need to ask if this includes tail coverage?
      Overall, I am happy to have a job offer but wondering if this is a good one. I would like to counter with a base salary of 96-97 possibly since a 1k bonus for three quarters in my first year would put me at the average new grad salary in Texas of 100k. Does this seem unreasonable? I also really don't like how the salary is already structured for the next 6 years and how I do not get a yearly raise to match inflation even. Is this common? What do you all think I should include in my counter? Overall, is this a good offer and would you take it as a new grad? Is it a bad idea for me to counter? Please help!! Thank you!
      Edit to add: they do not offer health insurance if this makes a difference. Thank you!
    • By KH21444
      I'm currently in my undergrad program taking my prerequisites for PA school. I plan on graduating in the Spring of 2023 and applying for PA school that same year.
      As I begin my PA school research, I keep having self-doubts on my ability to learn the content in PA school, which questions my ability to "make it" as a PA.
      While I am doing well in my undergrad/prerequisite courses, I fear I am not genuinely learning the information - just merely memorizing and doing well on exams. My question is: Will I/How badly will I struggle in PA school if I don't remember/didn't efficiently learn the coursework from prerequisites like Biology/A&P/Chemistry?
      I do not fear applying for PA school/getting accepted (aware that it may not happen the first time I apply), but my current GPA is 3.8 and I've been working full-time as a medical assistant for 3 years (plenty of PCE, HCE & shadowing). However, I fear getting into PA school and having the feeling of "what did I get myself into". I've had PAs that I work for all tell me that I can do it, but I keep having this lingering self-doubt that my ADHD brain and I will not be able to grasps concepts like others will due to my lack of deep understanding during prerequisites (and just having recently been diagnosed with ADHD & still learning what medication works best for me).
      Is this feeling normal?
      Thank you to whoever can give me some honest insight!
    • By surgblumm
      The Hospital Leader has published a new post: “Victorious Endurance: To Pass the Breaking Point and Not Break” by Leslie Flores
      Read it here: https://thehospitalleader.org/victorious-endurance-to-pass-the-breaking-point-and-not-break/
    • By BJessee
      I am looking for some insight from any PA practicing in outpatient psychiatry, especially is TN or VA
      I heard from a colleague that there has been some issue with reimbursement in the outpatient psychiatry realm that is specific to PA services
      I wondered if anyone currently practicing in this specialty or anyone with knowledge about the situation could weigh in. 
      Are PAs reimbursed at the normal rate or at a decreased rate?
      Are there discrepancies between reimbursement for medicare/Medicaid and commercial insurers?
      Thank you all in advance!
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