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Observations of an old codger...

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I was blessed with the opportunity last evening of spending four hours with an old classmate and his wife while playing catch up as to the goings on over the past 35 years.

Realization number 1, it's been a fast 35 years

Realization number 2, we tend to lose touch with others that we'd like to stay close to as the years fade past

Realization number 3, It's never too late to send a letter or a card just to say "hello" and let them know that you're thinking of them (I found them via a county property records online search)

Realization number 4, just because you don't hear from them doesn't mean that they've forgotten about you and wonder how your life has gone as well

Realization number 5, no matter how isolated we may feel on that workplace island, or how we believe that we're the only one who experiences xyz feelings at work, we are not experiencing or feeling anything that others haven't experienced as well

Realization number 6, we all wish we could've known then what life has taught us through today

Realization number 7, our professional generation is probably the last to be able to say that we created so many professional inroads for others to follow, i.e.-being the first IM/sub-specialty PA in a hospital, ED, or specialty practice, or as my friend had forgotten, he and I were the first to be allowed to take an ACLS course at our medical school/program.  All these sound so basic and "What's the big deal?" today.

Realization number 8, we have been truly blessed


Take a moment to take a big breath and look around and take note of where you are in life.  Be thankful that those whiny patients allow us an opportunity to try and help others, as well as provide for us a nice paycheck.  I'm sorry that many of you have the student loan weight hanging from you.  I don't think that many of us had that burden back then.

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Timely post for me because I was having similar thoughts last night. It seems I was spending too much time worried about all the things that have "gone wrong lately". In 6 months both my brothers and a cousin died, one of my oldest and dearest friends seems to be losing the battle with prostate cancer, my closest cousin, more like a brother, fell and fractured all 7 lumbar vertebrae and his pelvis, half our APP staff has either quit or been fired and work is a mess.... on and on.

Then I turned it around. I have the emotional and personal resources to help my brother's families. My cousin will eventually be OK. i HAVE old dear friends I have had for many years. I am where I am because of the help and support of some great people. I have a pretty good job even when it is a PIA. I am healthy as are my wife, kids, grand kids. I have enjoyed great love and friendship. Sometimes the price for that is loss. It's life.

There is often something to be grateful for...often many things...if we can get out of our own head.

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