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I recently decided to switch to PA from Optometry and would appreciate some advice. 

I just graduated from undergrad, and am planning on taking a gap year and applying to PA school next summer. I have a 3.0 science GPA and a 3.6 overall. I am starting off with 0 clinical hours. 

I'd appreciate some advice on what I should focus on this next year to strengthen my application. 

Initially I intended to focus on accumulating my hours during my gap year but am also concerned about my science GPA. I will be taking 2 science pre-requisites (which will probably not raise my science GPA significantly) but did not plan on taking any more classes because it would take away time from a full time job/clinical hours. 

Additionally- Since I'm applying next summer, I would end up having to take 2 gap years. I would also be working the 2nd year but I'm not sure if those hours would count or if hours need to be in before you apply. 

Thank You!

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Your GPA will be...OK.  Might consider taking a few post bacc science classes to boost your scGPA.  The PCE hours you accumulate after completing your caspa and while waiting to matriculate won't count, so it sounds like you're looking at a solid gap year of PCE if you can land a good gig in patient care.  Depending on your state, you may be able to apply directly to MA roles that don't require you to be registered or certified.  

Keep in mind, you are trying to break into pt care so you may need to work towards getting your CNA license or something equivalent.

I think all of this is doable given your timeline.

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