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How does my application look?

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Hello everyone! 

I plan on applying to PA school during the next cycle and I just wanted some advice on what I should work on in order to become a competitive applicant! 

I will be graduating in December from Florida State University with my bachelors in Exercise Physiology and a minor in Biology. 

CGPA: 3.7

SGPA: 3.7

(I have As in all of the pre reqs except for microbio where I got a B, also no Cs on my transcript)

PCE: I currently work as a CNA in the med-surg unit at a hospital. I currently have about 300 hours and I plan to keep working until time of application. 

GRE: haven’t taken yet, starting the Kaplan course in December to take exam in February. 

Volunteering: have about 100 hours in various organizations 

As of now, what do you think are the biggest things that I should work on to make myself competitive? Also, how well do you think my chances are to eventually getting in a program next cycle? 

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Your academic standing is strong, however your experience is on the low side. There are some programs okay with this, however most want to see well over 1000 PCE hours. If you're planning on applying next cycle, that's plenty of time to increase your number of PCE and volunteer hours!

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