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    • By rfinch
      Hey everyone,
      The first half of the interview cycle for 2017-2018 is winding down, and I'm wondering how I can make myself a more competitive applicant during the next CASPA cycle on the off chance that I don't get accepted anywhere this year. I've already met the pre-reqs for my schools of interest, but I'm not sure whether or not I should continue to take additional upper division science courses or simply focus on acquiring more HCE and volunteer experience.
      Currently, I have  3.98 GPA, a 4.0 science GPA, an MA in Cultural Anthropology, 600+ volunteer hours (many of which were overseas), and approximately 2300 HCE hours as an EMT. I've been waitlisted at 1 school and have yet to receive any additional interviews (most likely due to the fact that I didn't submit my apps until the end of August/mid-September).
      During the next semester, I could enroll in O Chem II and Developmental Psych while working 36-48 hours per week and volunteering occasionally, however, this course of action would require that I take out additional student loans. On the other hand, I could simply acquire more HCE hours and volunteer at free clinics in my area. Any thoughts on which course of action would look better to PA school adcoms?
      Thanks in advance for any and all advice!
    • By wedyoung
      I have already taken a Physiology course at my 4-year university, but have not taken the Physiology LAB yet. I was planning to take Physio Lab at a community college. Are PA programs particular if I took the lecture course and lab at different schools?
      Thank you very much!
    • By Med1900
      Hi everyone! 
      Check out this new tool for Pre-PA students!  You can search by entering a combination of Classes, Credit Hours, CASPA, GRE, GPA.  Enter in all the criteria you plant to fulfill or have fulfilled, and a list will populate of schools you are eligible to apply to!  Very easy to use and will save you hundreds of hours trying to find what schools you should apply to.
      Please click the link to try it out! 
    • By ekissell
      Hi! Could someone answer a question about PA school prerequisites? I'm an undergrad at the University of Florida, and I'm not sure whether to:
      1) take organic chemistry 1 & 2 and then biochemistry
      2) take "fundamentals of organic chemistry" and then "fundamentals of biochemistry"
      3) just take organic chemistry 1
      The "fundamentals" classes are not pre-med science classes, but I know most PA schools don't even require organic chemistry and biochemistry, and many only ask for "1 semester of organic chemistry or biochemistry". Does anyone know which of these options would be the best idea? I have registration tomorrow and I'm a bit desperate. Thank you!
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