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Undergrad Ed School: University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Major (GPA) // Minor (GPA) : Biology (3.58) with 2 minors in Chemistry (2.9) & Psychology (4.0)

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.68

Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.58

Post Bachelor GPA: N/A

Age at application time : 22

1st GRE - V: 141 Q: 150 W: 3.0 // I unfortunately scheduled the GRE after taking 2 summer finals (Physics and Psychology of Individual Differences) so this score is pretty much a baseline for how I would do with minimal / no studying. 

2nd GRE - V: 149 Q 161 W: 3.0 // The GRE prep I used was Magoosh and they did not have an analytical practice section so my AW score was the same, but my verbal and quantitative scores improved tremendously! Magoosh usually has pretty good sales for a 6 month subscription for $125 (regular price of 1 month subscription) around January and July. 

Direct Patient Care : (Patient Care Technician / CNA)

Cerebrovascular / Diabetic floor (2 years ~2,500 hours)

Float pool / Anywhere in the hospital (~500 hours)

Extracurricular / Leadership / Research Activities: 

Greek organization // Junior and Senior scholarship committee

Pre-PA club // Treasurer 2 full terms 

UTC Medical Society // Member

Volunteer for local hospital, Adult and Children's Emergency Room (200 hours) Children's Believe Campaign and St. Jude Up till Dawn participant (~25 hours), Girls on the Run (~10 hours)

Supporter of various organizations such as Ronald McDonald House, Make A Wish foundation, TC Thomson's Children's Hospital, Girl Scouts of America 


PA in Neurosurgical and Spine Unit (Shadowed 150 hours)

RN who's director/manager of Neuroscience (Known for 2 years)

RN Clinical Staff Leader (Known for 1 year)

Professor who I had 3 classes in Microbiology (B) , Immunology (A), and Microbial Ecology (A) 

Saving one more recommendation request for a potential PA or MD 

Personal Statement Topic: I talked about my personal childhood struggles with many health issues in my family & how I wanted to pursue a career that provides access to healthcare . I then weaned into my work experience at the hospital and mentoring. Ended it with a description of the PA I shadowed and all the qualities that I believe I had to be an important asset in healthcare.

Schools Applied: Six. UTHSC, South College - Knoxville, South College - Nashville,  Lincoln Memorial University, Lipscomb University, and UAB

Application Submitted Date:

06/03 for UTSHC, LMU, and UAB

Late June for South College Knoxville and Lipscomb

Mid August for South College- Nashville

Schools Received Application Date: Most of the schools received my application in less than a week after it was verified. Verified 2 days after I submitted my CASPA application. 

Interview Invites: LMU

Denied: UTHSC

Waitlisted: UAB

Accepted: N/A

Attempts: 2nd (Applied pretty late 1st cycle to 1 school because of graduation/deadline issues so this theoretically would be my 1st real application cycle) 

Plan B if all else fails:

1. Pursue an accelerated Masters in Pharmacology to compensate all this waiting since most of these PA schools matriculate in August 2019 

2. Take the MCAT. Some PA schools allow MCAT scores and would be a good refresher in basic prerequisite courses. 

3. Shadow MD's, PA"s, NP's, PT's 


I would greatly appreciate all the strengths and weaknesses in my current application. Any other ideas to improve my application would be helpful as well. Thank you guys so much! 

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I'll make this a little easier ? Copy & Paste away!

Undergrad Ed School: 

Major (GPA) // Minor (GPA) :

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA:

Science Undergrad. GPA:

Post Bachelor GPA:

Age at application time: 

1st GRE 

Direct Patient Care:

Extracurricular / Leadership / Research Activities: 


Personal Statement Topic:

Schools Applied: 

Application Submitted Date:

Schools Received Application Date:

Interview Invites:


Withdrew Application




Plan B if all else fails:


Personal message/questions 

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The one thing that stands out to me is (based on my reading) that taking the MCAT may make you look less committed to PA school. It could make you look like you're considering med school as well. 

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4 minutes ago, DarcyJ said:

The one thing that stands out to me is (based on my reading) that taking the MCAT may make you look less committed to PA school. It could make you look like you're considering med school as well. 

That was my worry as well. I know UAB and other potential schools allow both scores so it was a consideration. I've been constantly reviewing old undergrad powerpoint slides of prerequisites as a safe alternate. Thanks so much! 

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Your PCE and volunteer work are good, and your personal statement sounds like it covered the right things. Most schools recommend GRE scores over 150 in each section and AWA ~4.0. While your quant score was great, another good option, if this cycle doesn’t pan out, would be to attempt to increase your verbal to 150 or above and awa score to around 4.0. Some schools may deny based on the verbal being under 150. I used google and found a lot of good tips for the AWA. Good luck!

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I'm a little late on this post but I second @Bubbles. Some schools use the minimum GRE requirements as a screen and if you don't meet those then it's unlikely you'll move forward in the process. If for some reason you need to reapply next year, work on getting the verbal above 150 and the AWA to 4 and you should be good on the GRE front!

Looking at your letters of recommendation, I'd try to get one from a PA/MD/DO/NP (preferably PA if you can) that has personally worked with you during your PCE as opposed to a PA you've shadowed. While it's great you've had a lot of shadowing hours with them and you've built a rapport, they haven't seen you involved in patient care and are unable to adequately attest to your skills as a care provider. Along those lines, some schools I applied to and a few others I've seen through research specifically ask for a letter from a healthcare provider that was a supervisor during your patient care experience. I'm not sure from your list if the RN's were directly involved and working with you day in and day out but that would be one thing to think about moving forward. 

I took the MCAT when I initially thought I wanted to go to med school but of the seven schools I applied to this year only one accepted it in lieu of the GRE. That's a personal preference for you if you want to spend the time and the money to study for it and take it but I don't think it'll do much for you in strengthening your application in the long run.

Hope some of this helps and good luck to you this cycle! Hopefully you've heard some news from the schools by this point ? 

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Just apply earlier.

Dont waste money on anything else (unless you're balling in dough, and can afford it)! If anything, retake GRE to get V above 150, but honestly.. I think you're golden.

Make sure your PS is up to par, apply early (in the first few weeks), and rock the interview.

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    • By mly3025
      Was just accepted off the waitlist from one of my top choice programs and boy does it feel good!! I'm not sure how much ranking plays but this was certainly a reach school for me. 
      Stats for this cycle: 
      27 y/o M 
      cGPA: 3.11
      sGPA: 3.22
      GRE: 309. 4.5 writing. 
      PCE: 4010 hours as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist 
      Shadowing: 18 hours with an OBGYN PA // 30 hours with a senior cardiology PA // 75 hours with a GI PA
      Volunteer: 100 hours at a senior center // 50 hours as an Anatomy & Physiology tutor. Thousands of hours in extracurriculars as a choreographer and public relations officer 
      LOR: MD director of our Nuclear stress lab, Senior Cardiology PA, Anatomy and Physiology professor 
      Degree: BS in Nuclear Medicine Technology 
      Interviews: 2 (still waiting to hear back from other programs) 
      Waitlisted: 1 
      Acceptances: 1
      Graduated undergrad in 2015 with a 2.9 cGPA and a 3.0 sGPA. 
      Retook \~55 credits and recieved a 3.8 post-bac sGPA with classes in biochemistry, microbiology, A/P, organic chemistry, gen bio, gen chem, psychology, genetics, and calculus to name a few
      It IS possible to get into PA school with a low gpa! I had zero interviews on my first cycle. I Improved my second-time application by making my PS a KILLER, improving PCE hours, and making myself look like a well-rounded applicant to make up for my low GPA. I was asked about my GPA right off the bat during both my interviews and how I planned on succeeding in a rigorous didactic program so be prepared to answer these types of questions! I also felt that what gave me an advantage over others was the fact that I am in a niche field and that as someone whos trained in nuclear medicine I am able to provide insight on these types of studies and help my peers understand/read nuclear studies! Don't be afraid to flex on certain characteristics on your profile that makes you unique! 
      Good luck everyone!
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      So I finally got a job at my dream hospital!! I am currently working there as a Patient Care Technician/ PCT. However, I will be leaving for PA school next year. I really want to return to this hospital and work as a PA! The problem is that getting a job at my hospital is super competitive. Is there a way for me to ensure/ increase my chances of getting a PA job in this facility in the future?
      (Also, what do you guys think of requesting a absense of leave instead of quitting? Can I be able to come back to the hospital to pursue a higher position?)

      Thanks in advance!
    • By chloepilgrim
      Hi There,
      I am in the process of a career switch and I was wondering what everyone thought my chances are of getting into a PA program.
      I graduated undergrad with a BA in psychology and a BS in neuroscience. In undergrad, I tutored Biology for a year. 
      My cumulative GPA was 3.5 and science GPA is 3.1 (I got C's organic chemistry + lab, and biochemistry + lab)
      I thought I wanted to become a researcher and so I entered a Neuroscience PhD program. Though after a year I decided I wanted to pursue a clinical route (research is too lonely) and switched into a Pharmacology Masters Program. I graduated with a graduate GPA of 3.2 and have taken classes such as physiology, gross anatomy (cadaver dissection) lotssss of pharmacology classes, neuroscience/psychology courses, and a very intense Neurology course alongside medical students.
      I also graduated with 5.5 years of research experience and a thesis that is *hopefully* going to be published.
      I am currently a medical assistant and plan on doing about 3000 patient contact hours before applying to PA school. I was wondering what the chances are of me getting into a PA program even though my graduate GPA is quite low and my undergraduate science GPA is also low.
    • By am12345
      Hi All!
      I am a graduate student in public health and have worked with providers to inform patient care plans as well as screen patients for adverse childhood experiences, resiliency, quality of life, etc... I have not been an EMT, CNA, Aid, or other roles that are usually seen with direct patient care experience for PA schools. I have already submitted my application, but after attending an information session I am nervous that schools will not count my public health hours as patient care (I made the mistake of listing them as health care experience and not patient care experience). Does anyone have any thoughts on this process? I have already reached out to one school directly and added the experiences as patient care experience in CASPA (it lets you do this even after submission, but I do not know what happens next). I do have a lot of healthcare experience and research experience. Have anyone else added experiences after they submitted? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to private message if that is better for you. Thanks so much! I really appreciate any support with this!
    • By sacharle
      There is an awesome organization called ThePAC (Physician Assistants of Color) that holds diversity events in multiple cities across the U.S. The next one will be in Detroit, Michigan on September 28, 2019. The event is a great opportunity for all three levels of the profession! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/thepac-takes-detroit-tickets-70091765357
      Pre-PAs get to talk directly to program directors from the local/surrounding region (this event will have 7), and get specific advice about their application profile from programs directly as well as experienced PA students and PA-Cs. 
      PA-S  and PA-C get to fraternize and network with each other as well as tap into resources such as job recruiters, financial advisors, and transition to practice information. 
      There are always lots of giveaways such as medical equipment, PANCE/PANRE prep, discounts on scrub companies, and more. 
      This event is open to any and everyone no matter the race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, etc. 
      If you cannot attend this event, give them a follow on IG @thepa.c or FB 'Physician Assistants of Color' so you can get notified of when the next event/location will be. 

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