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Summer Classes and CASPA

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I am applying this cycle and am in a tight situation where I have not applied yet but am planning to immediately. The problem is that I have sent in all of my transcripts, except for transcripts for Summer classes that I took this Summer (which I got As in) because I was planning on having submitted my applications by now and doing class in pending for both of them. Unfortunately now that I am done with both of them, I am afraid that I would be academically dishonest with CASPA and PA schools if I do not take the time to update CASPA with a new transcript that includes the completed summer classes. Of course I want to apply immediately but I do not know if my suspicions about academic dishonesty are correct. Can anyone please confirm this for me?

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I think I am a little confused... Have you submitted your CASPA to any school yet? Once it's sent to a program, CASPA will not update your transcript for you, you would instead have to submit your new grades/transcript to the programs you're applying to (keep in mind not every program wants you to do this, so you have to ask each program how they prefer this to be done if done at all).

If you have not yet submitted your CASPA to any program, your CASPA grades/transcripts can still be updated. Definitely call CASPA and ask what to do, but I think you'll just have to resubmit your newly updated transcripts.

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Agree with Dreamy...

I have talked to CASPA and since I submitted my applications (and verified), CASPA stated that they will NOT recalculate my GPA.  I also had a summer class that only applied to a couple programs and they (the schools) only wanted an unofficial transcript to be sent to show I completed the requirement.

So if you have submitted - verify with CASPA, however they will not recalculate.  If you have not submitted - by all means update.

Good Luck


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I am in the same position as you. I took 3 summer classes this summer however I submitted my applications while the classes were in progress. If your transcripts were already verified then CASPA will not recalculate your GPA just like southpaw45 said. What I did was once those classes were completed I changed my CASPA transcript to say that they were completed as well as what grade I got. I then reached out to each program that I applied and told them the class, the grade I received, and then asked if I need to send them an unofficial transcript.

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