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So I'm actually a Cornell undergraduate. Does anyone know if that helps in terms of admission to Cornell's PA school? I would assume not but I'm just curious! My main question is whether or not I should even consider applying because of Cornell's surgical focus in their PA program. I personally have shadowed surgical PA's (first hand assists), and I just don't see myself going into surgery. However, I know Cornell has a good PA program worth applying to. Do you guys recommend that I apply even though I'm not interested in surgery?



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Hi, I'm currently a first year in the program! Even though Cornell's program is labeled as having a surgical focus, it definitely does not mean that everyone has to go into surgery! In past years there's usually been maybe half (or less than half) of the class that will go into surgery while everyone else goes into a medicine specialty. That being said, we do get a looooot more exposure to surgery and what it means to be a surgical PA. We take a surgery class throughout all 3 terms in didactic year while other PA schools might only get a few lectures on surgery. Our surgery instructor is a surgical PA pro who is super passionate about surgery and loves teaching (he might even change your mind about surgery). But I don't believe that it subtracts from us learning about all the other topics that other PA schools cover (we just end up learning more hah). I think this is a huge plus because Cornell equips you with a whole other skillset that other schools would not be able to give you and it doesn't hurt to broaden your training even if you don't end up going into surgery. And if you do choose surgery then you most definitely have a huuuuuuge edge up over anyone else from other PA schools.

Also in terms of whether or not attending Cornell undergrad helps for admissions, I'm not entirely sure if that's something they weigh heavily but there is one girl in our class who also went to Cornell undergrad!

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