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Seeking advice from current NHSC Scholars

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I was just offered the NHSC scholarship today, and while I'm excited about it, I'm a little worried about finding a job at a qualifying health center when I graduate in 2 years. When I checked the HRSA workforce connector, there were far fewer openings for PAs than there were for other practitioners (esp MD/DO). I'm wondering, did any PAs who are current or former NHSC scholars have trouble finding a good job at a qualifying site? Did anyone have to "settle" for a lower salary or less desirable place to live? I would love to hear about your experiences. Thanks in advance for helping me out. I have to decide within 1 week whether I will accept the scholarship or not.

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Will be diligently waiting for a response to your questions. I am interested in the NHSC scholarship program and have many of the same concerns after perusing the connector tool you mentioned. Please update us if you find other information!

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