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Anethesia tech

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Any pre-pa students in an anesthesia tech position? I have already applied to schools but I may have the opportunity to move into an anesthesia tech position here soon. I have been a physical therapy aide for the past 3 years and I am just looking to explore different aspects of patient care while my applications are out.


If there are any of you do you get a reasonable amount of patient interaction? At my current job I get tons of hands on experience so I don't want to give that up but I would love to explore other options!

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I knew some anesthesia techs when I worked as a surgical tech. At my first position, the anesthesia techs really only refilled drug carts and turned over rooms (and pretty much all of them hated their job). At the second hospital I was at, they had much more patient interaction, though really only during intubation/extubation. I think the techs were responsible for multiple ORs at once, so I think they were getting quite a bit of patient interaction. Just depends on where you’re working and what they expect you to help with. I met some anesthesia techs when I was interviewing for PA school too, so it’s defintely a route you can take. 


Just a guess that PA schools would like that you moved in to that position (assuming you’re gaining PCE). It’s such a different environment from PT that it would probably be highly valued that you’ve had that exposure. Just my thoughts. 

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