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IR PA job with minimal radiation exposure?

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Any IR PA jobs out there where PAs aren't constantly exposed to radiation? Do IR PAs assist with or perform a lot of fluoroscopy-guided procedures? About to be a new grad and I'm wondering if IR is worth the health risks despite how awesome it seems.

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I used to work in IR.  The cases the APPs do in my system are not heavy on radiation.  Things like angios, nephrostomy tubes, kyphos, UFEs and other embos, etc, are all done by the radiologists.  The APPs do tunneled and non tunneled CVCs (hickman's, implanted ports, dialysis caths), joint injections (ESI, NRI, SI, large joints), tube exchanges, myelograms/LPs, etc, using fluoro.  Otherwise, a big chunk of the procedures done are with US guidance - liver biopsies, *tons* of paras/thoras.  But you use appropriate shielding and maximize distance and minimize timing when appropriate and you are relatively safe.  Every system has a radiation safety officer to keep track of your film badges and rad exposure as well.  I wouldn't let this be a deterrent.  

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did rad for a few years some years ago


left due to time in the lab, to much radation, even with doubled up lead, preg weight, leaded glasses, thyroid belt and the like


Fact of the matter is when a patient crumps you stick you hand in the beam, or other direct exposures


I loved it, and maybe will go back to it when I am old and now I have kids....

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