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Delaying employment

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I’m starting my PA school next week and I’m trying to plan the time I want to have children. I’m wondering if taking a year-long break between finishing school and applying for jobs will put me at disadvantage. I’m thinking that instead of starting a job then having to take maternity leave, I’d take a break for a year between finishing school and starting to work to have a baby and take care of him/her for a few months before starting to work. I’m just afraid that employers will be reluctant to hire me since I didn’t practice as soon as I graduated, or they’ll offer me less salary as a result. 


Thank you!

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You will absolutely be at a disadvantage.  They won't necessarily pay you any less than a new grad, but you won't get hired (or will have an incredibly difficult time).  With so many new grads every year it will be infinitely more appealing to hire a new grad who is fresh and just finished rotations vs someone who is a year or more out and hasn't used or solidified any of their skills yet.  

You do you.  It's your life and do what's best or what you need.  But anyone who takes significant time off after graduating, regardless of the reason, will be at a disadvantage.

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