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I’m delighted to inform you all that I’ll be joining you in Omaha!!! Congrats guys, we are in this together now!

I also received my early acceptance email today! So incredibly excited! Can't wait until August.

Got the official invite to the Omaha campus as well! Good luck everyone!

2 minutes ago, JELudwig said:

The email said they would send out interview invites on Friday 10/12. In Nebraska its still only 5:30pm 10/11. I am getting super antsy and nervous, but we should find out so soon! 

Yeah it said by 10/12 so I was just curious if anyone heard anything! Nervous as well, good luck! 

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11 minutes ago, ksanchez said:

How many times have you checked your email today? TODAY IS THE DAY GUYS, finally! ?

best of luck everyone!! 

Literally have never checked my inbox so much!!

Does anyone know if they’re going to email rejections, too? I just want to be prepared if the message I get in my inbox is not going to be a happy one, ha!

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7 minutes ago, Haleyb18 said:

I’ll be there nov 30 in the pm group! Anyone know if the later interview dates affect your chances? I couldn’t make it to the earlier ones

No. They wait for all interviews to conclude before making admission decisions. At least that is how it worked last year.

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I received an interview invite today as well, which I was not expecting, and I'm ecstatic. Here are my stats:

First year applying. Graduated with Psych degree in Dec 2016.

Overall GPA 3.64

Science GPA 3.00

Medical scribe for almost 2 years for an NP, also have a background volunteering in equine therapy with children who have disabilities. 24 hours shadowing a PA.

Submitted and verified on 8/28/18.


Good luck to all! I'm so happy about this, and I look forward to meeting some of you! ?

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      I was wondering if there are any places taking students for rotations starting in Jan 2021? 
      I would love a rotation in San Diego sometime between January and April as my husband is mobilized there with the NH Army National Guard.
      Other areas of geographical interest are the Midwest, New England, Alaska and Hawaii for Jan 2021-Dec 2021. Specifically rotations located in the following places:
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      College of Saint Mary in Omaha, NE, will be starting a PA program, which combines a 5-year Bachelor of Science in Human Biology & Master of Science in Physician Assistant. Start in Pre-Physician Assistant classes leading to a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and begin PA classes in your 4th year of study. If accepted as a Pre-PA student and progression requirements are completed successfully, you will be enrolled in CSM’s PA program with no further application required!
      College of Saint Mary …
      • Offers small class sizes and one-to-one attention from caring and knowledgeable professors
      • Has NEW, state-of-the-art simulation labs
      • Prepares our graduates for PA certification through the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination (PANCE) leading to licensure and practice
      High school seniors/college students:
      Become a PA in 5 years instead of the traditional 6-7 years with the comfort of knowing you will be admitted into the program if you are accepted as a Pre-PA student and meet the progression requirements.
      College graduates:
      Take missing prerequisites by joining CSM in year 2 or 3 as a Pre-PA student and have the security of knowing you will be admitted into the program if you are accepted as a Pre-PA student and meet the progression requirements.
      To learn more about CSM and our new PA program, please contact Shaun Grammer, PA-C, PA Program Director at sgrammer@csm.edu
      The College of Saint Mary Physician Assistant (PA) Program has applied for provisional accreditation from the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA).  CSM anticipates matriculating its first PA class in Fall 2016, pending provisional accreditation in Spring 2016.   Provisional accreditation is an accreditation status for a new PA program that has not yet enrolled students, but at the time of its comprehensive accreditation review, has demonstrated its preparedness to initiate a program in accordance with the accreditation Standards.  Pre-PA students are currently being accepted and under all circumstances will be eligible to complete a degree in human biology.
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