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Shadow Opportunity in Raleigh Durham Area

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I am looking to shadow in the Raleigh Durham area ; been trying to send messages via linkedIn to multiple places, but to no avail. Does anyone on here know someone who is accepting pre-pa shadowing? Being a PT I would love to follow someone in Ortho or Pain Management, but I am happy to shadow any specialty ; there is something to learn in all settings! 

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Hi! I am also looking for PAs to shadow in the area. I have a couple lined up eventually, but haven’t set a date yet since they’re so busy. If you’re looking for orthopedics, I would try places like EmergeOrtho or Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic. I know they have a lot of PAs. The difficulty is finding a PA that will allow you to shadow them. I had this issue of trying to find someone because EmergeOrtho requires you to have prior communication with a PA before they allow observation - they won’t set it up for you or anything. Just a thought! Duke’s PA program also helps pre-PA applicants find shadowing opportunities within Duke. I would reach out to them as well!

On another note, why did you decide to go back to school for PA when you are a PT? Just want your opinion because for the longest time I thought I wanted to do PT. Now, I feel stronger about PA, but sometimes have the wonder if I’m making the right decision? 

Good luck!

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