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B.S. in Biology or Health Studies?

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So I am aware that what I major in isn't the biggest deal in the world for PA school, it's more about the GPA and prerequisites. But with that being said I'm stuck between BS in biology or BS in health studies with a concentration in health and science. Getting my BS in biology will look a bit better (in my opinion), especially since I might want to continue on my education past my Master's, but it will also require a year of physics and a semester of calculus. I'm willing to bust my butt in those classes to get an A but it does kind of suck having to take those classes when PA school doesn't require it.

On the other hand, the BS in health studies requires classes like "Ethics, Law and Professionalism in Health Sciences" and "Health Economics," which I feel will benefit me more than a year of physics. (Has anyone taken classes like these before? Are they fluff classes or are they actually beneficial?) 

In both options I'll still have about 10-15 more credits I'll need to take to get my degree, so I can fill those classes up with pathophysiology, immunology, genetics, etc. 

Any comments about this would be appreciated. 

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Guest HanSolo

Whichever one you have more of an interest in. Ethics and health economics can certainly be more than "fluff" classes. Ethics, in particular, should challenge you to think in more abstract ways and perhaps challenge your own pre-conceived notions on certain topics. 

As long as you fulfill your PA school requirements, then it doesn't matter what your major is in. Don't worry about what "looks good." Just do what you are interested in, and you'll find a way to make it look good because you will be good at it. 

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I started as a biology major then switched to health science. For me it was an easy choice. Biology would threaten my GPA and the health science track contained more prerequisites required for PA school. It also had a lot of the recommended courses schools look at (pharmacology, ethics, developmental psych, death and dying, sociology, etc.). Ultimately though, do whatever interests you more and focus on getting in at least the prerequisites if your end goal is PA school. 

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