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PCE and LOR advice please!!

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Hello all!

I am currently going into my senior year and looking for some guidance for pa program applications. Right now my GPA is at 3.91 with a science GPA of about 3.87. I go to a decently competitive university. I’m taking GRE at end of summer, but I took a practice test and got a 320 (154V & 166Q). I realize my academics are strong, but I am concerned about PCEs and Recs. I am an EMT and have about 250 volunteer hours and 500 paid hours. However, those hours are not all WITH patients...how do I figure how many to actually report? I know the requirement of many programs are about 500ish, but do they heavily prefer applicants with more hours than that? Also I could get a couple of strong recommendation letters, but I don’t know a PA well enough to ask for a rec. is it essential to have a rec from a pa? Also with where I am at should I hold off applying until next cycle? 

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One opinion:

Your grades are great and your GRE will probably be fine too.

Being an EMT is fine experience. It will never all be with patients. Keep getting hours, especially over the summer.

Some schools want a PA LOR and some don’t care. If you get one, shadow enough that he or she knows you well enough to write a good one. And shadow enough — not all with the same PA or office — so that you know that being a PA is really what you want to do.

I would apply this cycle to programs you would like to go to and for whom you meet the requirements.

Best wishes.

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