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Unused scripts, resigning

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If in a large enough organization - take them to the ROI - Release of Information or Medical Records or whatever they call themselves these days and watch them be shredded there or put in a locked industrial shred bin.

Our shred bins in our room are locked and one person comes by and clears them into an industrial size rolling locked bin.

Some places just put an open bin under your desk for shred - nothing good can come from that.

If you have a fire pit at home - enjoy....................

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I like two methods


1 - bon fire and burn  - great if you did not like your job..... therapy!

2 - shred - but this is a PIA

3- put in a plastic bag, pour the grossest nasty rotten food and water on them, slosh them around, then throw them out.   Figure anyone willing to dig through horible smelling trash, or any pharmacists that fills a gross script, needs to get their head examined...  gotta be gross, nasty and wet for this to work....


Fire in summer, shred in winter...

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