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Interview Attire (women)

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1 hour ago, NicoleB92 said:

I think it looks super cute and professional! It's not too much that it would be inappropriate, I think it would be a good touch to set you apart from all the black and gray!

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Thank you! I know it will stand out but I don’t want it to stand out in a negative way! 

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I have a pant suit that is a light beige color and I got it months ago, but now I am reading that basically everyone is going to be wearing black. Is this a bad idea? I would wear a light petal pink blouse underneath (very high cut, no cleavage) and some light pink shoes, closer to nude. Either flats or pumps maybe, I am tall and never wear heels so I figure bad idea. The suit kinda looks like this:


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Hey guys - so I have two separate interview outfits I was going to wear this season. Both of them go with a burnt orange colored shirt for underneath the jacket. However, one is a conservative plaid printed pant with a plain black jacket and the other is a brown/red/orange plaid jacket with plain black pants. Would it be appropriate to incorporate these patterns into my suit? They look really sharp, but I don't want it to look too casual if it's not a plain "matching" suit. Opinions?

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