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“Emotional support” animals in the office

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I have a patient with a chihuahua she dresses up and calls her emotional support animal. It pees in the lobby, has ticks on it, and licks her knees when she comes in for injections. Are there any laws surrounding our practices ability to prevent people from bringing dogs that aren’t service animals into the office? 

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I believe every state is different, but in MI people with true "emotional support animals" who are certified with paperwork that can be shown upon request are required to ensure their animal is trained, groomed, and does not cause damage to whatever property they are on.  They are required to pick up after their animal, except very specific circumstances such as blindness, disability, etc.  Furthermore, in a healthcare setting the animal cannot put other patients at risk.

So, I would look into your state laws, but furthermore I would discuss with the patient.  I have two patients that have certified emotional support animals.  I have requested they do not bring their "pets" to the office and they agreed and has been zero problem whatsoever.

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