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PA School Interviews- What to bring

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Hi all,

I am attending my first interview on Monday and I was just wondering what is appropriate to bring to the interview. I always get super nervous at the start of interviews until they lighten up and fall into conversation. For that reason I have always carried a folder that contains copies of my resume and notes that I have jotted down that they might ask about. Is there any other documents I should bring with me to make myself more memorable. I know they have all this information ahead of time but sometimes it is nice for them to see it in front of them.

I have notes in my folder for questions I might have about the job so I don't leave anything out and sometimes I write down what I wanted to make sure I include in my interview that may be new information or an extension of what I wrote in my application. I also like to jot down bullet points just to keep my thoughts on track since I tend to ramble when I'm nervous.

Has anyone done this for school interviews or seen other students do this? I've never had a problem doing this with a job interview just to make sure I say what I want to say but I do not want it to come across as I do not have answers without preparing them ahead of time. 

Any thoughts or advice on this practice would be greatly appreciated!

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You don't need to bring anything to the interview unless the school specifically asks for it. No resume or additional documents can make you stand out, they all look the same to the interviewers. Only you can make yourself stand out by being yourself during an interview.

Prepping is easy because they're all the same questions asked that you can find online. When you see someone studying right before an exam starts; if you don't know it by then, then you're not going to know it by test time. Good prepping before an interview is the same concept. Just go in and be confident in your answers that you prepped for, cause you'll rely on your notes that you have in your folder.

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When I had classes in progress when app submitted and I completed them after the interview invite, I brought in copies of my transcripts to show they were completed along with grades.

A lot of people bring leather portfolios. All i brought to my interview was a very small notebook with some bulleted reminders for some of the known interview questions.

Usually the schools give you some swag like a bag, pen, and planner/notebook.  But anyway, unless the school asks for it, you don't need to bring anything.

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I brought a nice leather notebook/portfolio that contained my resume and printed CASPA application on one side and on the other side was a notebook to jot down notes and whatever needed. Did I ever use my resume and application? Absolutely not. But I figured it takes about 2 min to print those off and you never know if you would need them. Highly doubt you would need anything besides a notebook to write important info down.

good luck!

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