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Transcript does not have labs and class retaken ?s

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Hi all, two questions:

1. If your transcript does not have your Biology or Chemistry Lab grades, how do you fill out the prerequisites when assigning courses?  Do I choose the lecture grade again or click the button that says "I am not matching any courses to this prerequisite?" 

2. I retook Gen Chem I after receiving a C in the class. Do I need to select both grades for assigning prerequisites even though I did not technically fail that course? 

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1. Mine showed only one letter grade because they were a combined lecture/lab, like Biology 1 with 4 credits. If the school has separate assignments where you put a class grade and lab grade, you put the 4 credit Biology 1 under both class and lab. Some schools also wanted you to post the syllabus or course description if it was a combined class.

2. You can put the retake as the assigned class. Assigning any class shows that you meet the minimum, they will still see that it is a retake when they look at your transcripts.

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