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holy crap

I just got accepted off the waitlist this morning! I interviewed back in October. If you are on the waitlist, don’t give up just yet!

Anyone else interviewing 11/09?

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Anyone apply with a low GRE score, I know the school says applicants are expected to be above the 50th percentile, does that mean you won’t be considered at all or it will just hurt your application?

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Received an invitation to interview yesterday 7/6 via email, but turned it down because I got into my top choice. Hopefully someone here will take my spot! Best of luck and CONGRATS to everyone interviewing!

Submitted 5/16, verified 5/18, invited to interview 7/6. cGPA 3.70, sGPA 3.52, HCE 1800 hours as ER tech. 500 volunteer hours. 88% verbal, 67% quantitative, 98% writing

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6 hours ago, rbenfant said:

Checked my online portal account today and received an interview invite! I never got an email so I called to confirm it. Will be there on August 3rd! Can't wait to meet you guys!

Was it just under the applicant checklist? Congratulations! 

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On 7/11/2018 at 11:06 PM, ashprepa said:

Can everyone who received an interview invite post their stats and when they submitted, please? ?

Cumulative GPA: 3.79

Science GPA: 3.74

GRE: Verbal 90% | Quantitative 55% | Writing: 80%

HCE: 2000+ as an ER Tech

Shadowing Hours: 500+ of MDs, DOs, PAs and NPs

Volunteer Hours: 1000+

And I shared this above but I submitted 6/30, was verified 7/6 and offered an interview 7/11

Hope this helps those who asked!

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I submitted June 4 and was verified on June 6, and I received an invitation for interview today. Unfortunately I had surgery in June and am non-weight bearing until early August so I will have to wait for more interview dates to open up.

GPA: 3.63, sGPA: 3.66, GRE Quant: 51%, Verbal: 86%, writing: 3.5, patient-care hours: 1100, healthcare hours: 1800.

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On 7/18/2018 at 5:12 AM, sambarker said:

Just got an email this morning saying that my application is being put on hold pending an invitation for an interview. It's not quite what I wanted to hear but I'll take it as good news!

Got the same email today at like 1am.

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21 hours ago, EK2018 said:

Hello! I'm interviewing at Midwestern-Glendale in early August. Has anyone called and asked for information on their interview style? I'm wondering if I should prepare more for MMI style interviews or other types. Thank you! 

Provided nothing changes from last year, it is not MMI. They do group interviews, just like many other programs. Know yourself, know your application, know why you want to be a PA over anything else.

You will be with a group of other students for part of the day, being interviewed by a couple faculty members. I personally liked this because its almost somehow less intimidating having your potential classmates right there, going through this interview with you. The rest of the interview day will be presentations, informative sessions, tours, and provided lunch at the cafeteria. Try to have fun! It is a beautiful campus, even when its 115 degrees out.

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