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Dominican University: 2018-2019 Cycle

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5 minutes ago, futurepaphd said:

Congrats to all of you with interview invites!!! Could you please tell me when your application was verified? Was 9/22 the earliest date available?



Hi! I applied June 13th, my app was received June 21st and I got my interview invite on August 8th. September 22, to my knowledge, is the earliest date.

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On 8/16/2018 at 6:42 PM, benyonce said:

Does anyone know if our bachelor's degree must be completed at the time of applying? I finish mine in December, but I cannot find any information on whether that's ok. It does say prerequisite coursework must be completed, but kinda fuzzy on the undergrad degree. Thanks!

Hey, I applied with the Bachelor's in progress but I showed certification that I would receive the conferral by September. However, they do want it to be awarded by submission.

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Hello Fellow prePAs!
to all who’ve applied to this a program: did you receive an email confirming receipt of our application or did you have to contact the school? Did you contact admissions or the program itself?
Many thanks in advance. :-)

I just received a “we have all your materials and your app is now being reviewed” email. I applied on Aug. 6th.

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