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Today I recieved an invite to the December 11 interview date! I am completely speechless! This is my top choice school, so I was in shock when I read the email. I can’t wait to meet everyone at t

Hi everyone! I'm the Vice President of the MSPAS/MPH Class of 2021 and I'll be checking the forum periodically to answer any questions that I can. Congratulations to all of you applying this year

For those who are still waiting to hear back, my application was verified on 7/17/18 and I received an email yesterday that my application is under review. 

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On 9/30/2018 at 7:13 AM, jaub11 said:

Have you or any of your classmates received scholarships? 

Hi @jaub11, great question! I have not personally received scholarships and I am unsure about my classmates, although I do know that if you are accepted to the program there is an opportunity to apply for the Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students (SDS) after coming to campus. It is a scholarship that is provided through a grant that we current have which funds the tuition for 7 students of each cohort for 3 years. Here is the link with more information regarding the scholarship program: http://cehs.tu.edu/paprogram/prospectivestudents/ . Additionally, faculty will frequently send us emails regarding scholarships from other organizations throughout the year. I hope this answered your question! 

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Hello everyone! For those of you interviewing this upcoming Tuesday, October 9th, we will be holding an informal Meet and Greet on Monday, October 8th, from 4:30-6pm at the Mare Island Brewery Company (located at 289 Mare Island Way, Vallejo, CA). This is completely optional and will give you a chance to meet current students in the program as well as other interviewees. Hopefully it will help get rid of some nerves before your interview. If you're interested please take this quick survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/78VXKGV. We look forward to seeing you there ?

A few things to know: The school is on Mare Island so the only way to access the campus is on a bridge. There are two bridges that access the island, however, the larger of the two bridges (the CA-37 bridge) is normally rather backed up with morning traffic, and the smaller of the two bridges goes up periodically to allow for ships to pass. Although this doesn’t happen often, it can take about 10 minutes. I recommend planning accordingly for your commute to your interview by leaving extra time for traffic due to these bridges. If you are traveling from OAK or SFO airport or nearby cities that require you to take the 1-80E or 101 N, you will have to pay a toll. The tolls only accept cash, so make sure you have cash otherwise you will receive a ticket! The tolls are anywhere from $5-$8. Also, the tolls can cause a lot of traffic.

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Hello fellow pre-PAs!

FYI on receiving initial application receipt confirmation, it took a while for me and I am a California and local applicant. My application was verified by CASPA on 7/25 and TUC sent me an email on 9/28 stating my application was released to their program by CASPA. I received an invitation to fill out the supplemental application on 10/8.

Hope this helps, hang in there!!

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