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Hello all ! I just received an email from the PA program stating that they have not finalized the class yet. So there is still hope ! Although they did say to wait for 1/31 for final decisions . 

Happy New Year !!! I know everyone is still anxiously awaiting responses so sending uplifting vibes for positive news this cycle !!!!

Hey all, I interviewed yesterday and it was beyond amazing! Everyone was so welcoming and encouraging. No word on accreditation yet other than they think the meeting went really well and the ARC-PA wa

[mention=138763]albae[/mention] CONGRATS!! [emoji846]
Do you know how many people have been accepted? 
Not sure. she told me that they only gave a few people immediate acceptance. Everyone else will have to wait a few more weeks.

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12 hours ago, TIS93 said:

Got the waitlist email today. Congrats to those who have got acceptances. I hope to get pulled off the waitlist and become part of the class here.

I was put on the waitlist as well a few weeks ago, hopefully we both hear back! Did they say in the email when they will be notifying us? 

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I'm curious, Are they still doing interviews? Has anyone received an interview invite for an upcoming date?
They are doing two more interview sessions. They are interviewing a total of 100, 20 per session and there has been 3 session this far.

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