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Does anyone know much on Morehouse’s new PA program? I’ve tried calling their department several times but no answer, but maybe someone on here could help me with my questions. 

Is the 500 patient care hour required upon application?

And also, do they do rolling admissions?

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Hello all ! I just received an email from the PA program stating that they have not finalized the class yet. So there is still hope ! Although they did say to wait for 1/31 for final decisions . 

Happy New Year !!! I know everyone is still anxiously awaiting responses so sending uplifting vibes for positive news this cycle !!!!

Hey all, I interviewed yesterday and it was beyond amazing! Everyone was so welcoming and encouraging. No word on accreditation yet other than they think the meeting went really well and the ARC-PA wa

I applied last week. Has anyone received anything from this program at all? I wonder when they start considering people to interview?
At the open house, the admissions director told us that they will wait till the deadline to start looking at applications

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23 minutes ago, Lovelydovey123 said:

I found this on their website "Applicants advancing in the admissions process will be invited to participate in an on-site campus interview consisting of a program orientation, 2 individual interviews, tour of the campus, lunch, a group activity and a group Q&A session."

Thanks so much! I guess that means no MMI, medical terminology quiz, or anything else like that?

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1 hour ago, AnngiePA said:

for those invited to the interview. Do you mind sharing your stats?

cGPA 3.11
Overall science GPA 3.03
Postbacc science GPA 3.6
Graduate science GPA 3.61

GRE: 310 (163/147/4)

PCE: 4200+ including working and volunteering as an MA

Shadowing: 100+ PA shadowing, about 20 physician shadowing

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On 9/30/2018 at 9:07 AM, Monet said:

Congratulations @SoonToBePAC. Where will you be attending PA School?

Thank you! I got accepted to UTSW in Texas! I accepted the seat but I am still keeping my options open for other schools/interviews before I make my final decision on where I will go.


After some thought I am actually considering seeing if Morehouse will still let me interview. After going to other interviews I can see the value and great opportunity it would be to get my education at an HBCU, and I don't want to take that chance for granted. Does anyone know if they got their accreditation at the last arc-pa meeting?

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On 9/21/2018 at 2:54 PM, albae said:

Awesome. Do you mind sharing you're stats with us

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I honestly don't know my stats 100% but I can tell you generally what I have.

cumulative GPA: about a 3.51

science GPA: I think was about a 3.4

postbacc Science: 4.0

GRE: If I recall my score was like a 301

healthcare/direct patient care experience: depending on what the school accepts as experience I have anywhere from about 1,200 hours to over 4,000 hours. 

PA Shadowing: about 25 hours in cardiology and neurosurgery.

letters of rec: 1 from a regional volunteer coordinator I worked with for 4 years, 1 from a college professor, 2 PA letters of rec one in neurosurgery one in cardiology.


I feel like I have pretty average stats but honestly my letters of rec are incredible and I have a pretty strong/unique personal statement. Hope that helps!

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2 hours ago, chitoria said:

has morehouse received their accreditation yet?

Was it last month that they were supposed to be reviewed for it? They may announce it during their first interview session, so someone that interviews there may can provide some insight. You may can call and ask as well.

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