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Hi all, 

I am in a bit of a predicament here. My GRE score isn't all that high, and my GPA is pretty average. I'm more worried about my GRE score hurting me more than anything else. I've already taken the GRE once and improved by one point..It's been hectic with work and just trying to keep up with applications too, I just kind've neglected my GRE. I am applying to schools that require a GRE (because they are closer to home). Just not sure how much it will effect me..

My stats are

cGPA: 3.71

cScience GPA: 3.61

GRE: 300

Verbal 152

Quant - 148

Still waiting on writing. 

Patient Hours - 2500

Volunteer Hours - 250


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The general consensus is that the GRE is a filtering tool, meet the minimum and the rest doesn't matter, a "good" score probably doesn't mean anything to AdCom unless you're 320+. Your 300 is the baseline for "safe" from being excluded at almost all programs (as long as it's balanced, i.e. ~150/150; and you're pretty close to that). It may cost you 1 or 2 interviews but not a huge impact. Check each program you're applying to, sometimes they publish minimums (whole and/or individual).

As for GPA (also mostly a filtering tool), you're "competitive." Anything over 3.5 is good enough for most programs to no be excluded or raise any concerns.

PCE is also good, not stellar but not deficient either. 

If you apply to ~10 programs you should get several interviews, and once you get to that point then it is basically a 50/50 chance for most programs; you'll see that most everyone else interviewing "deserves" to be there, so it just comes down to how you come across to AdCom members.

TLDR: You shouldn't have any major problems and you aren't "deficient" in anything.

If you don't get in this cycle don't despair, continue to improve and apply very early next cycle, that seems to help a lot. 

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I have appeared in the GRE once and improved my stat with more reliable scores,this is all because in which PA school I want to admit that school follow the GRE score stat.Thanks

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