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Outpatient Varicose Vein Vascular Surgery Job

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Just got an offer for a strictly outpatient vascular surgery job where I'd only be doing 4 procedures: Sclerotherapy, Ohmic Thermolysis, Microphlebectomy, and EVLT.


Anyone with experience in outpatient varicose veins work? Seems like it would be pretty quick to be caught up to speed. Training would be 4-6 weeks and ill always have a sonographer with me.


Salary seems to be pretty average for midlevels in my area. I just wonder what the pitfalls are.

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What were you offered if you don't mind me asking?
A buddy of mine recently started a job similar to this. His set up was pretty nice, pretty independent, and the salary was great. Says that its hard to find a job focused on that work. 
I'm coming from a background with very little procedural experience and they quoted me around 90-95k/yr. Still working out the specific number, but I'd be working as independent contractor with no benefits (I get them through my wife anyways).

I'd like to hear more about what your friend thinks of their job.
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