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Massachusetts Bay Path University 2018-2019 cycle

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I just spoke to Lisa!!!!! I got in...oh gosh😆😊 hoping for the best for you all as well🤞🏾

Hello potential BPU students,   I wanted to give you a little advice as you get ready for the interview process.  First off, we just finished up our semester and had our White Coat Ceremony.  This is

I talked to a BPU PA graduate who was in the last graduating class, she said she waited a week or two until she got her acceptance. Although that was a couple years ago, I’m trying to remain positive!

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On 11/12/2018 at 9:46 AM, YGrabo said:

Good morning everyone.

I just canceled my interview at Bay Path University as I am already have been accepted to two PA programs of my choice . Hopfully it opens a seat for one of you for interview invitation.

best of luck future PAs! 

Best of luck with your endeavor into PA school!!!

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I’m new to this thread, however I have applied twice previously to this program; my first time while I was still in undergrad I was waitlisted, and a year after that I was not accepted. All programs are so competitive! 

Previously in my experience the interview day consisted of a welcome/program explanation, a group activity/discussion, longer individual interviews— (I believe you only had one individual interview but it went about 40 minutes) and a writing sample. I hope this helps! I went to BPU for my undergrad, I had a great experience. 

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16 minutes ago, NRT13 said:

Good Morning, 

Does anyone know how the roads are near campus, I was planning on driving to campus for Grand Rounds soon. I live 1.5 hours away and its still snowing and the roads near me are not so clean. 

Thanks !! 

I can’t speak for today, (and I’m not sure which direction you’re coming from) but the roads around the campus are usually well maintained — I went there for my undergrad years

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Also, a heads up if anyone arrives much earlier than they anticipated, (given the weather situation, I know I’m leaving earlier) there’s a little cafe in the Blake Dining Commons building down the hill from Carr Hall. The cafe straight through the doors, down the stairs to the right if you’re looking for coffee etc waiting for the program to begin.  I hope this helps

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41 minutes ago, scapua said:

Not that I know of, a few other programs have on their forums that the school makes their own official page so I’m not sure if it’s the same thing for BayPath!

Class FB pages are set up and managed by the class I’ll start a FB page and add the link here. So just click the link and I’ll add everyone. BRB😊

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