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PA School-properly reporting courses (AP, ETC.)

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Hello All,

I am sure that this topic has come up before in great detail, but I just want clarification on a couple things.

I received AP credits from high school and they appear on my transcript along with my other college freshman courses from that semester. Do I report them as I see them with these courses and their designated "T" grades? Do I need to have the College Board send my scores around to the schools I apply to, or is just sending my transcript to CASPA with these courses listed as so sufficient?

Do I need to report "courses" (such as a math placement exam that got me into calculus 2) that show up as 0 credits awarded?

I took a 3 credit general transferred course which appears on my transcript as 100 level Transfer Credit Elective from ANOTHER university. I do need to then get a transcript from this seperate university even though the course has such little value?


Finally, I took college credits in spanish and marine science through my high school and they were accepted as full courses at my university that I graduated from. When in CASPA, I am unable to report these courses under my transcript for my university I graduated from because I attended it from 2014 to 2018.  These 2 courses are Credits from that same university but they were awarded in 2013 and 2014. How on earth do I report these credits?


I would appreciate any help that people are willing to give.


Thank you!

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