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Thomas Jefferson University: 2018-2019 Application cycle

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Also accepted to NJ campus!!!!!

Just received an invitation for East Falls on Sept 18!  

ALSO ACCEPTED! The tears are real!   

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17 minutes ago, jas96 said:

You mentioned on the thread that you contacted them regarding the status of your application, did you just email them or did you call them? I applied in early July and I still haven't heard anything back besides the initial confirmation email, I'm wondering whether I should contact them or not? 

I submitted my CASPA at the end of May. I contacted them on Aug 29 in regards to the status of my application. Brooke emailed me back on August 30 letting me know that I was in queue for an interview, but I had no idea when I would be receiving it. On Sept 19, TJU- NJ invited me to interview on Oct 11. It doesn’t hurt to email them. They are very quick with responses. I would email Brooke asking her for the status of your app since she is the one who emailed me back! Hope that helps! ? 

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On ‎10‎/‎1‎/‎2018 at 12:04 AM, alex123 said:

For everyone who got accepted (mostly the NJ campus) would u mind sharing your stats (GPA, patient care experience/hours,etc)? Thank you!

3.7 cumulative GPA,

3.46 Science GPA

4.0 grad school GPA

I have 6000+ of EMT experience and scribing. I also have 200 hours of shadowing.

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