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Psychiatry CAQ Exam

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Can any PA-C who passed the Psychiatry CAQ exam tell me what they studied, and which study materials worked best in your opinion? Thanks a ton!

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I’m bumping this.  I take the exam in April and have been studying Stahl’s and UpToDate, as well as just regular PA exam question banks, but there isn’t much else out there that offers guidance as to good textbooks, etc.  Interested to hear if there are any others out there who have taken it.

As an aside, where I live, the three largest insurance companies do not recognize PAs as psychiatric providers and will only consider credentialing a PA if I pass this extra exam.  Very full of NPs (three PMHNP programs, online and otherwise, just in my city alone).  So not much incentive to credential me.  But I’m plugging away!

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I took it 3 years ago. I studied one a text that one of the staff MDs had from residency. I don't recall the name of the text.

Hindsight, I recall there being more on first line treatments and criteria for diagnosis.

I had not had much experience with Lithium and Depakote at the time. I was also not as up to speed on the first gen anti-psychotics as I should have been.

 Somehow I managed to learn enough to pass though.

 Other states may be a better option for psych PAs. Some states give PAs full prescribing privileges, including schedule II.

Good luck to you.

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