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Hello everybody, 

   I got accepted as a transfer to 2nd year of Pre-med/ PA and would start in Fall. Now one of my biggest concern is about getting loan. After subtracting all money from financial aid & scholarship, so far I can pay for remaining tuition for  1st year. 

   Many people say if I self pay, the amount of aid & scholarship I receive will decrease in the coming years since self paying is like proving you have money to pay on your own. But as said in the award letter, this money can be renewed every year as I maintain good GPA so I don't think self pay affect this money. Could someone let me know? 

  Thus, I will have to pay interest as I get loan so obviously I have to pay back more money comparing to just paying the remaining tuition. I definitely need loan but trying to thinking to save that until grad school. 

  So should I get loan or not? I am also looking for other scholarships. If someone knows any, please let me know. 

Thank you everyone so much. 

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