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2018/2019 Cycle — Just Applied/Verified, Concerned About BCP GPA

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Hi everyone,

I submitted my CASPA application this past Friday and was verified this morning. I am a second time applicant and my stats have improved considerably from my first application in 2016, but am concerned for my BCP GPA. I am currently halfway completed with my MPH in Epidemiology and Global Health, to which I’ve earned a 4.0 consistently in all of my classes. 

BCP Total: 2.80

Science GPA: 3.27

Cumulative GPA: 3.44

How much weight is put on the BCP GPA? I don’t remember seeing this during my first application, although I could have overlooked it the first time. I am concerned that my application will be thrown out since the BCP is not at least a 3.0. As I previously stated, I have an upward trend in my grades especially within the last 60+ credit hours. Good luck to everyone applying this cycle! 

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It’s up to the school. Some schools look at science GPA strictly and others may factor your BCP into it if it includes any of your prerequisite grades. The only true way to find out it to look on their website and see if there is an explanation of what GPA they look at or contact them directly. 

In my research, there aren’t many schools that look strictly at BCP. 

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