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California Baptist University Riverside 2018-2019 Cycle

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52 minutes ago, kirvine said:

I have the same interview date! What do you think "basic math" entails. I am a little nervous for that!

I did some research on the forum from last year and it sounds like it's medication dosages. So if it's 1g/10ml and you want to give the patient 5g, how many ml is that? 

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23 minutes ago, californiahopefulpa said:

Congrats!! What are your stats if you don’t need mind sharing and when did you apply? 

Thank you!! ?

My sGPA was 3.65 and my cGPA: 3.7. ~4,200 hours working as a medical assistant in a derm office. I'm originally from the area as well which probably helps too. I submitted my application July 13th 

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8 minutes ago, LeBronisGOAT said:

Did anyone ever receive an email that their application was complete and under review?

Submitted everything early June, but never got a confirmation email after the "additional questionares"

I haven’t  received anything and i even called to check on my app and they said they had made a decision and i would find out within the next couple of weeks which makes me nervous that it is a rejection 

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