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Submit app w/o GRE?

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Aside from the GRE scores, my application is complete and ready to submit. I'm taking the GRE in a few weeks (yes, should have taken it sooner! But I have been working a lot). 

Would it be best to submit the application now, and send GRE scores later? Or wait to submit application until GRE scores are received by CASPA. Does it make any difference in schools with rolling admissions (I.e. Does your date of submission count if GRE scores are not included, or do they not count the submission until it is a complete application?) 

Thanks in advance!

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You may have to refer to your individual school application processes. Some schools will not evaluate an application unless the FULL application is submitted (ie w/ GRE). Some schools have a later cutoff date for additional testing from the CASPA application and will queue your application until the GRE scores are received.

The GRE takes approximately 10-15 days to grade after taking it, and they send scores twice a week. Depending on when you take the GRE, you may be looking at a late June or July application, which is still relatively early in the cycle. Again, refer to your school admissions page as some may have a hard cut off.

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