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realistic % of collections

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RIght now I am salary + bonus. The  bonus schedule is convoluted and graduated, compensation is fair though. I am 3 years into this practice and I work with 1 physician. I see 25-30 Pts a day (mostly 99203/99213/99214). 

Anyways, my salary is low end of average. Now I am more experienced, busy, and vital to the practice, I want to hit them big for a large raise, and argue that we just scrap the bonus. Practice wide they take 55% of my revenue for overhead (non-negotiable). My salary + expenses equaled out to about 33%. This left about 11% on the table for my physician to put in his pocket. My salary was about 25%.

If I ask for a raise that would leave about 5% profit for him, would that  be reasonable? That puts 55% for overhead, 5% pure profit for the doc, and my salary would be about 30-33% of collections (plus expenses).

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There's no way to realistically give advice without knowing your location, currently salary, and current bonus guidelines. Your salary is low end of average, what about when you factor in bonus? Is this a physician owned practice? 55% for overhead seems really high, and overhead should be a fixed amount, not go up with how much you make. Do you have your own MA? Scribe? Don't forget it's not about the 5 or 11% he's getting, if it's a physician owned practice he is making money from the overhead portion too, plus you do a lot of things that clear up his schedule like seeing post-ops, phone calls, maybe peer2peers, etc.


Edit: Also, how many hours a week do you work? Any call/nights/weekends? How are the benefits?

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