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Question About Controversial Topics on CASPA

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1. I have a good bit of community involvement with politics as a committee-person, delegate, and volunteer. I'd like to mention it on CASPA but in the current climate, I am not sure it's the smartest move. Could I mention it without mentioning which party I belong to or which way I lean? Or should I scrap it all together?

2. Much of my early academic career is marred by poor marks. Eventually I sought out counseling who performed a few tests and hey, you have ADD. I realize this could be construed as an excuse. But I did seek out help and my grades improve, albeit slowly and with a few setbacks. But there has been a major shift regardless, especially over my last forty credit hours. Should I mention this or leave it out?

Appreciate any and all advice. 

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I can't provide suggestions for #1, however I would think it's "less than legal" to omit an applicant based on a political leaning. Honestly I am not even sure since I don't know the whole story.

However, w/ #2, many supplemental applications have a section to explain any shortcomings or poor academic performance. I suggest using this area if available. An undiagnosed condition (such as your ADD) would certainly, in my view, carry some weight to a poor academic history.

I would definitely include your ADD diagnosis since you have a upswing in your last 40 credits. If you can show that you did poorly while undiagnosed and achieved a turnaround with your GPA while on proper therapy (medication or otherwise), that would be an appropriate argument.

Also, as a disclaimer, I am not a PA or PA-S and this is just my opinion.

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