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Hi everyone, 

I have been offered a job running a clinic and want to get some feedback on the offer. I have one year experience in a busy ER. I would be running the clinic by myself, and there would be a 2-4 month "mini fellowship" where I would be traveling to their different clinics for one-on-one training and examinations, etc. 

Here is the offer:

Mon-Fri 8-5

Training Pay $75000 (pro-rated for the 2-4 month training)

Base pay which starts immediately after training- $140k

Bonus Structure paid quarterly: 20% of collections greater than $35k per quarter. (I wouldn't likely start hitting this bonus in the first year because this is a new clinic which needs to be built up)

15 days PTO plus holidays

5 days CME with no allowance

100% health coverage for me. I pay to add my family members. 

Potential for partnership down the road.

I'd love some feedback, please! I am a little nervous to leave a stable position, but I know derm positions are hard to come by without experience. 

Thanks in advance


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Thanks for the feedback everyone. Not much experience, other than a dermatology rotation in school, and the derm I see in the er. I've voiced my concerns about running a clinic solo with my limited experience, and they've assured me that I wouldn't be cleared u til I'm found to be competent. They also have a system for consultations where every provider in the company has access and can respond with insights and advice. 

This would be a mix of medical and cosmetic derm. I would be doing excisions, biopsies, along with a variety of cosmetic procedures. 


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That offer sounds uh-may-zing! High base salary with great bonus structure. I currently work in hospital based dermatology in California where we see a ton of awesome and rare textbook cases most places will never see! We have our fair share of procedures and tons of excisions on a daily basis. That salary range sounds fairly spot on as well. You are going to love dermatology! Best of luck!

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So.....2-4 months of training and you would essentially be on your own? Nope nope nope. That’s the kind of crap that gives derm PA’s a bad name on the MD boards, and with good reason.  Sure, you’ll be able to biopsy lesions and treat acne but do you think you’ll be able to manage blistering disorders or complicated skin cancer patients on your own without direct and easy access to a board certified dermatologist? And don’t think it doesn’t happen...I know a colleague who saw Sweet’s syndrome her first week in practice. Dermatology is a wonderful field but you can’t learn it in 8 weeks. I’ve been in derm for over 15 years and recently left a job because I was tired of being the only provider at my clinic (my in office SP retired and the company did not replace him). Sure, i could easily take care of 98% of the patients....it’s the 2% that kept me up nights. Find a job where you are appropriately trained and supported. Best of luck come to you. 

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Hi! I was wondering if you ended up taking the job and liking it? 

I am leaving a good stable job (low pay but great benefits as it is Corporate) for more of a privately owned business with Medical and recently started Cosmetic. Unsure how good the health insurance will come out to be but pay and bonus structure is decent.  I do not have much experience so will be learning it all on the job. All my colleagues who are in derm are very happy in derm and I want to get into something I can see long term. I love doing procedures so for me this is a really exciting field. I hope I am doing the right thing. Any input would be appreciated!! 

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    • By Natalie6190
      Here are the details of my offer. There really wasn’t much to it and I have no idea where to start with negotiations and what I need to bring up. My concern is that the salary is a little on the low side. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated!

      Details include: 
      92k salary 
      24 days PTO 
      5 days CME
      2k CME 
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      Hey yall, 
      Im facing a bit of a dilemma. I got a new grad offer for a Surgical Position that is offering me the package below in NYC
      105K Base Salary 
      10% Night differential 
      20 PTO days, 8 paid holidays, unlimited sick time, 12 weeks of paid salary for sick leave
      8-10% Increase every year
      Health package as well
      The reason I am conflicted is id like to make a counter offer for more but dont know how to go about it. A friend of mine got a similar deal but 5K more out east without negotiating in the same system.
      How should I go about negotiating it? What are some tips you can provide to get it higher salary or a better benefits package. Why would would there be a discrepancy between both? 
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      Hello! I'm a new grad and recently received a job offer and contract. I wanted to see what other PAs thought and things I should negotiate since this is my first experience with this.
      Position is with a spine surgery practice in Texas:
      - Salary $90K with yearly bonus "at discretion of CEO." This seems a little low, but hard to negotiate as I have no experience.
      - 2 weeks paid vacation - In my interview they also stated that major holidays were off as well. Need to clarify if these would be paid or not. Is this reasonable time off or too little?
      - 5 days sick leave with doctor's note
      - CME allowance of $2500. They stated in interview that I also would have 5 days for CME, so I need to clarify this with my contract and whether they are paid or not and have this included in writing.
      - Malpractice insurance is provided "consistent with reasonable surgical physician assistant coverage." Obviously need to clarify whether occurrence or claims maid. And tail or not.
      - Individual health insurance covered by employer. Family health insurance covered by employee. I only need coverage for myself, so this sounded like a good deal to me.
      Other than above, I also wanted feedback on my hours. My schedule is described as up to 5 days a week but then later says that 5 days is routine and more days as agreed by PA and physician as needed. Hours may or may not extend past 10 hours per day with workload not to exceed 80 hours a week. There is no mention of call but when discussed they said I should "rarely" be on call. Obviously I'm not trying to get tricked into working 80 hours a week when the job was described as a M-F position. What is the best way to ask that this is clarified and protect myself from being exploited?
      Appreciate all of your feedback! Thank you!
    • By gator11
      Have been wanting to post something in this thread for a long time.
      The group is in rural Virginia with 3 ortho surgeons right now, 4th is in negotiation. I would only work with one of them in the OR and office
      $105,000 Annual Salary
      Annual wRVU Bonus Potential / $25.85 per wRVU generated after 2321
      $5,000 Relocation Assistance
      $5,000 Recruitment Bonus paid on the first payroll check upon commencement of employment
      Student Loan Repayment of 500.00 per month for 36 months
      PTO accrual of 5.54 hours per pay period / 18 days per year
      Extended Illness Bank of 2.15 hours per pay period / 7 days per year
      40 Hours of CME with up to $2,000 in reimbursement cost
      Licensing and Credentialing Fees including PA License, Prescriptive Authority, DEA License & Medical Liability Insurance.
      Full benefits including dental, vision, short and long term disability.
      Would love some feedback on this and what I could ask them to work on. 
      Also, if anyone has any advice on how to inform other groups I've interviewed with of this offer, I would appreciate it. I've followed up with all of the groups and they are wrapping up interviews this coming week. Would like to let them know that I have received an offer but don't want them to take me off their list.
      Thank you
    • By Clockwatching
      Hello everyone! I had recently posted about a derm offer, but I got another offer at a different practice/state and would love some thoughts on this one. 
      Salary: 36 hour work week, Training salary for 4 months at a rate of 75K, and then 80K with bonus of 10% for collections exceeding 60K for a 3 month period that will be paid quarterly. 
      Time off: 2 weeks PTO, 1 week of sick time, 2 days for CME and 2 personal days along with 7 paid holidays. 
      Malpractice covered. 50% of tail coverage if I stay with practice for 2 years. 
      CME: 1K
      Health insurance plan: 280/mo towards it
      401K: allowed to enroll after 1 year
      Restrictive covenant for 7.5 miles 
      State: Pennsylvania, outside philly 

      Counters that I’m thinking: 
      - I’m okay with the training period salary but will counter with 90K w/ 10% collections
      - 5 days for CME 
      - Tail coverage required now
      - CME 2K
      - I need to get more info on the health insurance aspect. 
      I really really like the Physician and she has a great plan for how to train/incorporate me into the practice. I feel like it would be a great opportunity but I also want to ensure I’m making the right decision realistically. 
      I would love any input from you guys! Thank you! 
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